3 Year Warranty Parts & Labor Standard / 5 Year K-12 School Warranty

  • Proc-X Service Information In & Out of Warranty

    Option 1

    Proc-X service partner is Hobart Services. To schedule a service call, in or out of warranty, follow the steps below.

    Phone : To schedule a service call our 24 / 7 toll free number 1-800-822-2303.

    Web Form : To schedule a service call by internet, please complete the following information and submit.

    Option 2

    Customers also have the option of using their service provider if they have an agreement with a provider and they are happy with their service. In this case, Firex will supply a spare parts package to provider at customer’s time of purchase and make sure that the service provider chosen is trained and has literature needed to support product & customer.

    Option 3

     For customers that have in house engineering or maintenance staff, these individuals will receive appropriate training complimentary, and receive a spare parts package at no charge. They will have access to online video training and tutorials as well, making sure that the staff is at ease working on Firex equipment.

    Custom Options

    For facilities that have engineering staff and need custom configured service plans please contact Scott Plass at scott@proc-xinc.com