Proc-X Service Information In & Out of Warranty


Option 1

Proc-X service partner is Hobart Services. To schedule a service call, in or out of warranty, follow the steps below.

Phone : To schedule a service call our 24 / 7 toll free number 1-800-822-2303.

Web Form : To schedule a service call by internet, please complete the following information and submit.

Option 2

Customers also have the option of using their service provider if they have an agreement with a provider and they are happy with their service. In this case, Proc-X will supply a spare parts package to provider at customer’s time of purchase and make sure that the service provider chosen is trained and has literature needed to support product & customer.

Option 3

 For customers that have in house engineering or maintenance staff, these individuals will receive appropriate training complimentary, and receive a spare parts package at no charge. They will have access to online video training and tutorials as well, making sure that the staff is at ease working on Proc-X equipment.