Moduline Regernation Ovens

A True Sous Chef


Regen ensures the quality of results either with previously cooked or chilled food. The reheating process is fundamental to exalt appearance, consistency and flavor of food on the table.

A Versatile Tool In Every Kitchen


Low power consumption, temperature and humidity control, ventilation and more... These are only some of the functions that Regen can offer to calibrate and adjust its performance to the product, for a final result above all expectations.

As If Just From The Chef


Appearance, consistency, flavour and aroma of the food on the table make a difference. When we are dealing with cooked and chilled foods, these aspects depend on the quality of reheating, which is the decisive step before serving.
Moduline has developed a full range of regeneration ovens, suitable for any volume, space, and customer need (public canteens, hotels, caterers, banqueting, etc.) in which the sophisticated technology and design features ensure low power consumption, use simplicity, full safety and easy cleaning. In the kitchen, problems of storage, hygiene and product availability, are then solved, thus safeguarding final quality and organoleptic properties of the foods: ventilation, temperature and humidity within the oven cavity are optimally calibrated and adjustable according to the product, for a final result above all expectations.
With its range including 25 models with three types of control, Moduline is able to offer the solution to every kind of need and demand for productivity.



MultiLevel function: Regen is able to manage different dishes with different Cooking times or temperatures, indicating you from time to time they are ready (only E version)



ClimaChef system is an electronic and automatic feature monitoring the climate in the cavity to get the best consistency and always tasty and crispy food in a safe and intelligent way (standard on D and E versions of GRE range).



IdealWarm function: the intelligent temperature decrease in the cavity at the end of the cooking cycle allows perfect warm holding, avoiding the risk of overcooking the food (only D and E versions).

Connectionless & Portable


Connectionless water supply is optional allowing units to be mobile / portable with ease.  Battery & generator packages are also available offering up to 10 hours of use.

Compact Models


Compact models are available for areas that are restricted on space yet need performance and production.  Ideal for schools, trailers, food trucks, and more...

Free Standing & Stacked Models


Free standing single cavity units are available up to 14 full size sheet pan / 28 hotel pan or double cavity units are available up to 28 full size sheet pan / 56 hotel pan capacity.

Banquet Carts & Meal Delivery


Mobile units with connectionless water are available in banquet carts and meal delivery systems.  Custom configurations are available.

Roll In & Roll Thru Models


Roll in and roll thru units are available for high production areas

Cold Holding / Regeneration Ovens


Specialty units that offer a cold holding can be programmed to cold hold a product in a refrigerated state, then automatically switch to cooking mode, then go into holding.  This offers the ultimate HACCP plan & saves time and labor.  Designed for schools, chain accounts, and banqueting.

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Regeneration & Pressure Steaming w/ Moduline

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Master Chef Paul O'Neill Introduces Regeneration

Master Chef Paul O'Neill & Chef Stress introduce regeneration.  Although a blast from the past, made in 2010, the video explains the engineering behind regeneration and the engineering has advanced since then.  Chef Stress has now retired