3 Year Warranty Parts & Labor Standard / 5 Year K-12 School Warranty

  • Firex Products

    Proc-X Firex PRO Series Multicooker

    Proc-X Firex PRO Multicooker is a high production cooker that allows for rapid boiling of pasta, potatoes, rice, beans, or anything else the Chef needs to boil.  The rapid recovery allows you to boil pasta in 6-8 minutes, quickly empty, then return to boil with only removal of starchy water.

    Proc-X Firex PRO Series Multifry High Production Fryer

    Proc-X Firex PRO Multifry is a high  production, automatic fryer that is programmable to easily allow the Chef and staff to rapidly fry products in oil, lard, or other products.  Ideal for meats, vegetables, or pastries.  Available in 8 different sizes in gas or electric and with our without filter trolley.

    Proc-X Firex PRO Series Pressure Braising Pans - Betterpan

    Proc-X Firex PRO series Pressure Braising pans are engineered for performance, combining efficiency and production.  The pressure braising pans are designed to reduce cook times, intensify flavors, increase nutritional values, and minimize additives needed to acheive taste perfection.

    Proc-X Firex HiPRO Series Kettles - Cucimax / Cucimix

    Proc-X Firex HiPRO series kettles are high temperature kettles that can brown, sear, fry, boil, cook, and hold products.  Sizes range from 8 gallons to 85 gallons and are available with or without internal pressure.

    Proc-X Firex PRO Series Kettles - Baskett

    Proc-X Firex PRO series kettles are high production kettles used to boil, cook, and hold product ensuring HACCP is adhered to.  Sizes range from 18 gallons up to 150 gallons and are available with or without cooling.

    Proc-X Firex PRO Series Cook Chill Kettles

    Proc-X Firex Cook Chill Kettles and equipment are designed to be easily installed, easily maintained, and most importantly easily operated.  The integrated controls and engineering set the standards for others.

    Proc-X Firex PRO Series Stationary Kettles

    Proc-X Firex PRO Series Stationary Kettles with digital controls.  Size ranges are from 15 gallons up to 145 gallons and are available with or without internal pressure.

    Proc-X Firex EASY Series Stationary Kettles

    Proc-X Firex EASY Series Stationary Kettles have all the constructive features of the Firex PRO Series just without the digital controls.  Sizes range from 15 to 145 gallons.

    Proc-X Firex EASY Series Tilting Kettles

    Proc-X Firex EASY Series Tilting Kettles feature fully jacketed and fully insulated kettle bodies. Size ranges are from 20 gallon to 145 gallons and include automatic tilting.

    Proc-X Firex PRO Series Tilting Kettles

    ProcX Firex PRO Series Tilting Kettles feature digital controls, fully jacketed, fully insulated kettle bodies and size ranges from 20 to 145 gallons.

    Proc-X Firex EASY Series Braising Pans

    Proc-X Firex EASY Series Braising Pans are available in sizes ranging from 15 gallon up to 60 gallons, with custom sizes available in larger sizes.

    Proc-X Firex FAST Series Kettles & Braising Pans

    Proc-X Firex FAST Series was developed for fast food chains.  Featuring kettles and braising pans with easy operation and digital controls, with size in 5, 10, and 20 gallons.

    Moduline Products

    Hot Holding Cabinets & Carts

    Offering a complete line of hot holding drawers, cabinets, carts, and customized solutions.  Including battery options.

    Cold Holding Cabinets & Carts

    Cold holding cabinets that feature combination refrigerated / freezer units and sizes to fit every need.

    Cook & Hold Ovens / Smokers

    Cook & Hold ovens featuring a seamless cavity, wrap around heating, and models for every need.  Including battery options

    Pressure Steamers

    Increase production, increase flavor & nutritional value, decrease kitchen stress, and increase profits by using pressure.

    Convection Steamers

    Bake, steam, boil, and hold all with our traditional style convection steamers.  With a size to fit every need they are a perfect fit 

    Regeneration Ovens

    Regeneration ovens & cold holding regeneration ovens offer the most advanced engineering in regeneration technology.

    Blast Chillers

    Blast chillers focused on rapid removal of condensate from the cavity yet allowing for gentle or aggressive chilling / freezing of products

    Cryogenic Blast Chillers

    Cryogenic blast chillers offer the ultimate performance while keeping operation simple.  Cryogenic blast chillers LEAD the industry in freezing

    High Speed Combi Ovens

    High speed impingement combi ovens offering performance never seen before in a combi oven, all while fitting the profile of a steamer.  Moduline, BE AMAZED

    Custom Engineered Products

    Custom Engineered Products

    Custom engineered products are offered with a typical lead time of 4 weeks after approved drawings.  Custom engineered products include Fuxion battery systems for hot holding cabinets

    Accessories & Consumables

    Accessories such as probes, stacking kits, shelf mounts, cleaning tablets, and battery packs offering up to 6 hours of use.  Our line of compostable hotel pans, straws, and plates.

    Carving Stations / Holding

    Portable carving stations designed to optimize gentle warming of product.  Combine with our battery packs, this is the ultimate banquet solution.

    Fuxion Fillers, Sealers, & Depositors

    PFS1500 Handheld Depositor

    The Fuxion PFS1500 hand held filler / depositor is ideal for the artisan that needs performance & demand yet on a budget.  Fill range is between 25-250ml per stroke

    PFS2500 Piston Filler

    The Fuxion PFS2500 piston filler is deal for the entry level artisan that needs production demand.  Fill range between 100-2500ml per stroke

    PFS500 Cook Chill Filler

    THe Fuxion PFS5000 cook chill filler is ideal for the food processor needing to fill bulk bags of products for distribution.  Fill range between 250-5000ml per stroke

    PWS2000 Bulk Container Filler

    The Fuxion PWS2000 bulk container filler / depositor is designed to fill by volume or weight.  Fill range is between 2 quart containers to 55 gallon drums.

    Ready Meal Depositors

    Custom engineered fillers & depositors specifically designed for ready meal production.  Designed for cups, trays, or containers & includes sealing

    Capsule & Vial Fillers

    Custom engineered products for capsules & vials for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, & cosmetic industry.  Specializing in single serve / dose capsules for herbals.

    QuantumX Products

    QuantumX Vacuum Series Kettles

    THE next level in HACCP focused cooking offers complete batch tracking from start to serve.